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Picture Galleries: Taking a topless walk in the park

It was a warm Autumn day and the leaves were falling in the local forest park, and that wasn't the only thing that was hitting the ground. So was Kat Vixen and her bra, she strolled through the wood carefree and letting anyone that passed see her topless in all her natural glory with her huge boobs.

Picture Galleries: Sunbathing while naked outdoors

It was a very sunny day outside and it didn't look there was going to be anyone walking around in the area for a while, so she decided to do something a bit naughty by stripping fully naked and getting herself a tan, with her legs wide open for anyone who happened to be around to catch a full view.

Picture Galleries: Getting dirty with her lesbian friend

Kat invited her friend Elli, who runs her own site named ElliNude, over to a local forest park so that they could get dirty together. Elli is a bisexual and she loves to touch Kat's huge natural tits, they both stripped off nude and got to know each other better by doing a bit of experimentation.

Picture Galleries: Kat Vixen sharing a shower with her girlfriend

Elli came down to the area in which our favourite girl lives and was of course invited to stay at her house for a few days, so they could have some fun together. The first on the agenda was getting her out of those sweaty clothes and into the shower, together with Kat. They had fun exploring each others bodies in there.

Picture Galleries: Getting horny and wet in the shower

This is Ms. Vixen on her own enjoy the private of a shower, she loved to use the nozzle to pleasure her own pussy and that is exactly what she did, whilst fingering herself and playing with her pair of 34DDD boobs, they were so wet and smooth that they looked good enough to eat as they bounced around on her.

Picture Galleries: Sucking a giant black cock

This is the first time that Kat Vixen has sucked a cock on camera before, and she loved every minute of doing it. The big black cock glided in and out of her puffy lips as the guy felt up her amazing breasts, she even then swallowed his big creamy load of cum and lapped up any that was left.

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